New Book

What are the readers saying?

“Come Out From Discouragement: Embracing Your Identity as God’s Daughter of Day” is a set-up for a comeback,  a strategy for success, and a weapon for warriors! It fiercely declares victory, identity, and purpose for women of any age and of any ethnic or socioeconomic background. The words are carefully selected to intentionally redirect any doubt the reader may have regarding the power and strength of GOD’s love and what can be accomplished through it.

During the chapter “Conquering is in Your Bloodline,” I found myself convicted to begin a project I tucked away because I was afraid of rejection, though it has the power to bless so many. This was a powerful moment for me because, at that moment, I clearly heard GOD’s voice. Many pray to hear from the LORD, and throughout this book, I actually did.

For anyone seeking to live a fulfilling and complete life, this book vividly, but in plain language leads the way in love, truth, and wisdom. 

-Briana R.