Encouragement Coaching

Encouragement Coaching that leads to transformation and purpose will allow you to unlock your opportunities for success while maximizing your potential. This coaching empowers you to be your best self. It will enable you to reach specific goals while overcoming obstacles that are hindering your personal growth. You will learn to embrace your strengths and non-strengths to strategically move into your destiny. Self-management, development, and improvement will be the natural outcomes of each session.

You will get to know yourself and gain intimacy and deeper connections in your relationship and with God. This partnership will draw out the power you hold within yourself and dismantle limiting beliefs.

You will learn and evaluate self-management skills such as time management, motivation, self-esteem, self-confidence, goal-setting and achievement along with discovering your level of personal responsibility. We will also assess and increase your Emotional Intelligence Quotient (EQ) which is just as, if not more important, than your Intelligence Quotient (IQ).

Through the coaching relationship, you will gain the tools needed to move forward on your journey to success. Your insight into who you are will increase. You will learn to implement effective, daily practices that will help you to maximize your time and potential so that you can become all God created you to be.

Through this goal-oriented process, you will embrace God’s love for you and His desire for you to succeed in a life you enjoy. You will discover your purpose and the opportunity behind your darkest moments. You will learn how you can use the dark moments to forge ahead into victorious living and shine!

Coaching is virtual, either over the phone, and/or through various video chat platforms.

Encouragement Coaching is a seed planted for a more fruitful life. What are you ready to embark upon?

 Confidence +Courage +Clarity+ Consistency+Creativity=Change
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