paCK UP!

God showed me that when we are in discouragement, it is similar to residing in a metaphoric town. I wrote this book to encourage women to find the exit sign out of this stagnate state of mind and town of troublesome thoughts. Thoughts of doubt, worry, and inadequacy. What are you worried about that you cannot change or accomplish? It’s time to clothe yourself with a new mindset. A mindset of confidence and assurance!

We have a few months left in 2020. I would love to see you emerge into courage and live your best life. There is so much for you to accomplish. This is a season to move forward and pack light! Only bring what you need with you and lay aside the weight of discouragement and discontentment. You have everything you needed inside of you!

As your Entrusted Encouragement Coach, I will help you to trust the process and most importantly yourself. Let’s get you packed up and prepared to move out of any rut to an established routine of accomplishment! It’s your time!

Bold as a lion

Read Proverbs 28

Humility is the new bold! Starting the day declaring the need for God’s insight is the breakfast of champions. This stance allows us to stand firm through life’s temptations in confidence and safety. It is a position that frightens our foes. The demeanor of the righteous, bold lion is to reject the foolishness of pride.

When we dare to trust God’s instruction, we will gather more spoils than those who depend on their knowledge and must turn-tail in fear when they realize the folly of self-dependence. Our boldness in Christ causes us to have the complete assurance that God’s Word will come to pass in our lives, and God Himself will overtake the enemies who pursue us.

God is the King we must hasten to from the jungle of jeopardizing flesh-filled solutions. We must also search our hearts with transparency, so we partner with Him in purity through the righteousness of Christ. The virtues of confession will keep us roaring about the power of God’s mercy!

Whether leading the country or our households, we must take time to seek God for His wisdom and discernment before we make decisions. Can you imagine a world where we consulted with God and waited on His guidance? God is raising a remnant!

Be bold today. Humble yourself before God and ask Him to show you where you have trusted yourself more than Him.