Our First Love

Hello, Daughter of Day!

There are so many wonderful things going on at DOD! We have started a podcast, “Hello, Daughter of Day: Encouragement for God’s Daughters.” (check our podcast link) on all major platforms such as Itunes, Spotify, and Anchor. New episodes drop on Tuesdays. We’ve included two new Prayer Journals to our online bookstore on this site, and are working on an online course. Don’t forget about our book,”Come Out From Discouragement, Embracing Your Identity As God’s Daughter of Day.”

We are blessed for the growth and thankful that you are a subscriber. Spread the word to your sisters and friends who may want to get involved or sign up for Encouragement and Emotional Intelligence Coaching. Yes! We have put all of the areas that we work with under the umbrella of Encouragement! It is our lifeline and foundation to move our clients forward. We have launched a Facebook Group, Words of Encouragement for Women, and our FaceBook page is Michelle Brown Life Coach.

With all of this said and shared, our first love is this blog! This is where it all started and somewhere along the journey, the diligence drifted and we may have lost contact with YOU! We never want to lose this connection and pray that you will not only look out and read our weekly blogs that are making a comeback! New blogs will be up each Wednesday and will be fresh thoughts to inspire. We still share with a prophetic edge because in these times it is important to hear from God.

What is your first love? What have you drifted away from as growth and change have taken place in your life? Maybe you put down a hobby with all of the new anxieties and adjustments that we are working through in this season of new normals. If you are anxious, we cast those aside, but ask you to consider getting more creative at this time that appears uncertain to us, but of course not to God. It’s time to return and pick up the passion that drew you in to what you are doing now! What love have you abandoned and want to pick back up? Pick up where you left off and push it forward!

Prayerfully, you have not strayed from your first, first love which is the Lord. He is calling us all back to a deeper place of intimacy with Him. Have you accepted this invitation? Are you open to the knocking on your heart? He is waiting to hear from you in an appointment of discovery where you will hear all of the wonderful plans He has for you. Our Be Still Guided Journal will help you stay consistent with 5 steps to building your fellowship with the Father!

Reach out to us and let us know what you are returning to and how we can pray for you!

We’re back to blogging!!

The Juxtaposition of July-Word of Prophetic Encouragement

July 2020 is a month that marks that halfway point of the year. A reminder of Romans 13:11, And that, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awaken out of sleep; for now is our salvation nearer than when we first believed. The end of 6 months of the year represents the awakening of man. God is awakening His people in a greater way to the generosity we need to have when it comes to Christ. He is calling us to share the power and necessity of Christ to those who have not yet surrendered their lives. This is the time where you must align with the movement of Christ as you see many new movements arise in the earth. He will show you how to connect and conquer good ground.

Good will lie right beside bad, as sheep are still mingling with wolves. The wheat and the tares are positioned very closely as the negative disguises itself as positive. Your eyes must be open to see how close polar opposites are appearing. Some will try to convince you that good is bad, but you must hold fast that God is working all things out for good even in the midst of chaos and confusion. You must stay rooted and grounded in the Word of God and begin to read it and know it for yourselves. This is the time where the jewel and the lie (July) run side by side. Search for the jewels of the Word and the treasures of the kingdom. Continue to make Matthew 6:33 your meditation and life assignment.

This is also the month where you will take new territory through unlikely means and wealth will begin to emerge through your redefining. New streams are flowing and God is going to show you the pieces that have been missing to complete certain projects. You must look up! There are blessings on the top shelf that have been out of your reach, but God is bringing them down to you. He is placing them in your hands as you commit your life to prayer. This is the month to remain diligent and consistent in your assigned pursuits.

This is the month of Jubilee! This is the month of beginnings. In the second half of the year you are coming out of any enslavement that has held you in bondage. Debt is being cancelled and you will owe no man anything but love! Keep devising the plan with God, and working the plan under His direction!

Psalm 3

Romans 8:28

Matthew 13:24-30


Snow Fall, Heart Call
It’s May and I’ve seen that it is snowing in some areas. I went to this scripture, Proverbs 26:1, “Like snow in summer or rain in harvest, so honor is not fitting for a fool.” God is calling us out of our foolish way of living without Him as the priority in our lives. Just as the snow seems out of place in the summer, so are you out of place when you are not in Him. The Bible says it is in Him that we live and move and have our being.
God is calling us to reason, to our right understanding. God says in Isaiah 1:18, “Come let us reason together, though your sins are as scarlet I will make them white as snow.” God is ready for us to align with Him so He can escort us into the right season. You cannot produce when you are not in season.
It’s your season to accept Christ and His salvation if you have not already. If you know someone who has not accepted Christ let them know it’s like snow In May, they are out of place. The season has passed to drag your feet about coming to the Lord. Your place is with God in Christ.

It’s an invitation of love you will never regret accepting or receiving. 

YEs, YOU may!

Word of Encouragement for May: Many of God’s daughters have been asking if it is okay for them to step out in certain areas of ministry and purpose. They have wondered about their authority in pursuing destiny in this new season that we are approaching. You have come to the Lord with humility and questioned, May I, Lord? May I stand in my purpose with confidence and courageousness? The word for May is simple, “Yes, Daughter, You May!” You have wondered if you can approach God with a new boldness in your time of need, not only for your necessities but for your desires, and the answer is “Yes, Daughter, You May.” As the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers. This is the time to bloom in His presence and in the courts of the Lord. It is here that you have the authority to veto defeat. Bloom, Daughter of Day, Bloom.

G.O.A.L.S. for Difficult Discussions

DifficultAs a Daughter of Day, you will face the need to initiate critical conversations. You must use good judgment and process the deciding factors as to whether or not it is necessary and timely. I have fallen to prey to starting a vital conversation at the wrong time. There are five tips I would like to share with you about how to initiate difficult conversations. These should be your goals to create a safe and productive environment.

Many times we would rather avoid conflict. Sometimes, we rush to have conversations that may resolve with prayer or in time. However, there are times when we need to clear the air to create a better future with our counterparts, family, co-workers, friends, and even our spouse or significant other.

Conversations are essential to have, and sometimes they need to be thought through to promote a positive outcome. Remember that what you think, maybe a positive result may be different. Sometimes the waters have to be stirred to bring you back to smooth sailing.

G-The first goal is to find the Gains and the Good in the person you are addressing and the opportunity for peace. What are the benefits of initiating or engaging in dialogue? How will the discussion impact the relationship or your existence in the same circle? It is also appropriate to determine what good will come out of the conversation that will yield growth? Make sure you gather yourself before you initiate the conversation so that you don’t go into the conversation with anger. Set a goal to communicate in a positive way that will be fruitful for the relationship.
O-What Objections or Obstacles will you have to overcome to have during the conversation? Will the other person be open to talking to you about the issue? Be aware of the possible offense they may take if you are approaching them in a blaming tone. Think through what you want to say, and if you see where it may be offensive, omit, or refer with more “I’s” instead of “You’s.”
A-Make sure to confirm if you are making any Assumptions before you approach the discussion. Try not to make Accusatory Statements but instead express how you feel and what your perception is in regards to the conflict. Do not assume their intentions but express your reception of the actions in question.
L– Determine what Losses could you endure from bringing up the issue? First, make sure you are not violating the confidence of someone else in sharing any information. Is this hearsay information? Will this conversation cause damage to the relationship or the established trust? Are you okay with an unfavorable outcome if they cannot receive your heart? Are you willing to listen to them just as much as you talk?
Most importantly, move in Love. If the spirit of love is your foundation, it will set the stage for an amicable discussion. It is ideal to forgive the person before you even have the discussion. That ensures that your emotions remain in check.
S-The ultimate goal is to find a Solution. Come to the table to find resolve and peace. If you are solution-oriented as opposed to problem-focused, it will make a significant difference in your ability to keep the main issue the focus.

When engaging in a problematic conversation, look for the Good and Gains. Prepare for objections and obstacles while avoiding the spirit of offense. Avoid making assumptions and accusations while focusing on the solutions!

September 2019-S.U.P.E.R. SHIFT

Hello, Daughter of Day!

I would like to share with you what I hear in my heart for September 2019. After the Holy Spirit highlighted a few things to me, I listened to the words Super Shift. S.U.P.E.R. Shift.

Charles Dickens was prophetic when he said, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair….” As I look around right now, I sense that God is going to manifest Romans 8:28 before our very eyes. As the cloud recently set over the Bahamas and Hurricane Dorian caused havoc, I believe the GLORY CLOUD of the Lord will stay over top of this island and God’s grace will manifest as the strength of the people comes into full view.  Every storm that has hovered over your life will produce God’s glory and you will be flooded with His revelation that the storm came to pass and to release God’s strength in you.

The Shift that will take place this month will be profound. The Super in the shift is what will push you forward. It will be a Sensitive, Uncovering, of Prophetic Purpose, Exemplifying, Retroactive Reassurance.  As you listen to the still small voice of the Holy Spirit, He is going to uncover your purpose for now and the future.  He will restore and take you back to where you missed some of the markers.  This restoration will be as if you never missed a beat! You will know without a doubt that God sustained and protected you for such a time as this!

You are God’s Superwoman! Greater is He that is within you than he that is in the world. Prayer is your superpower. Pray to hear and ask to see. Watch God bring the shift in September!

Word of Wisdom: As you Alternate the sense of control over to God, you will see the shift takes place that will unground you and cause you to go up higher!



Hello, Daughter of Day!

Recently,  I heard this in my spirit, “Nothing can grow unless cultivated.” I began to meditate on the word cultivate. The two words that stood out to me were, “Dig and prepare.”

As you are seeking out your purpose, you have to dig deep within and prepare for the answers you receive to the questions that you must ask yourself.

It starts by asking yourself, Why am I here on earth? What are the gifts and talents I possess and how can they help me to answer the calling on my life?

Now I want to ask you, What do you feel called to do? Will you answer the call?

You must remember that you have a choice in the matter. If your phone is ringing, you must decide if you are going to answer or decline. Similarly, if you are going to cultivate your purpose, you must have the right ground, just as if you were growing a plant, flower, vegetables or fruit. God created you to be fruitful and to multiply. There is multiplication within you. First, you must add up your blessings, abilities, and gifts. Then you must subtract your fears so you can move into the preparation process.

During this meditation, I realized that many women throw dirt on their dreams and bury them.  So, they never move forward and progress. Dirt, in general, is not a suitable gardening medium.

When you throw D.I.R.T. on our dreams, you put your: Doubt, Insecurity, Regret, and Timidity at the forefront. Purpose cannot become a reality in negative space. You will never find your real existence if you throw dirt over it. Stop doubting yourself. It is time to deal with what makes you feel insecure. I pray for all of my clients to have a new boldness to arise in them so that the spirit of timidity will be cut off in their lives. It’s time to plant your purpose in soil. Good soil will give it the nutrients it needs to flourish.

When you have good soil you are: Secure in who you are, you are Opportunity-Focused. You take Initiative and Leverage every blessing the Lord has given you.

Don’t miss the opportunities to that are in front of you to flourish! Focus on the doors that are open to you instead of the ones that have closed. Shake off regret! It’s time to cultivate!!

Time of Transformation



Resurrection weekend represents the true meaning of transformation. When Jesus died on the cross, His obedience undeniably brought change to bring us life and life more abundant. He decision allowed us to soar to the highest heights and complete every kingdom assignment that we were given to spread the gospel of believing in Him. Through Him, we will have eternal life and reign in heaven with Him.

It was a weekend of transformation.  On Friday He was hanging between two criminals, but on Sunday He rose as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. His identity was secured because He stayed committed unto death.

Have you thought about the commitment you want to keep unto your death? How will your obedience transform your own life and the lives of others?

When you walk in your purpose, God puts you in a commanding position to usher in change. Jesus was a masterful change agent. He changed the thoughts of those He encountered and engage them in new perspectives. This is the time to reorder your priorities and seek the kingdom of God first. The order will bring the transformation that you desire to see in your life.

What are you willing to change and reorder in your daily life to begin the process of a life driven by purpose?

I am always here to help you identify your gifts and talents so that you can change your life for the better! Reach out today and let’s develop, maximize your abilities so you can become all God has created you to be!


The Edge


You are on the verge of great things! You are not at the end but on the edge of a new beginning!

You are on the verge of great things! You are not at the end but on the edge of a new beginning!

A Daughter of Day realizes that when she feels that she is at the end of the road, the Lord is bringing her to a new path.

So many times we focus on what is behind us. God is calling us to look ahead. He is waiting for you to spread your wings. Not so that you can stay stationary, but so you can take off to your next level.

A bird only knows that their wings work because they are forced to use them. God does not want you to be stationary. There is always a step that you can take to move you forward. Sometimes it is step by step or inch by inch.

The two I’s that should be most important are initiative and intentionality. Are you taking steps of purpose?

Ask God to show you your next step. Then take the initiative and move forward. Set your intentions on the success ahead.

Remember what God promises in His Word in Psalm 37:24. Though they stumble, they will never fall, for the LORD holds them by the hand. Do not let the stumble cause you to crumble. Ask God to lead you. He will guide you when you commit to going forward.

With God as your guide, there is no need to fear the edge! God is calling you to edge into your next place. One step at a time is all it takes.

Come Out of Your Comfort Zone


Every once in a while you should feel like a fish out of water! You should not become so comfortable in one place that you cannot thrive in another.

The good news is we are not fish! We have the opportunity to explore many different environments and opportunities without becoming stuck or stagnate. In order to do this, we must step out of our comfort zones. A comfort zone usually starts out as an uncomfortable place and then overtime we become acquainted and  get relaxed. Comfort zones can be attractive because we become superstars in an environment where we no longer have to develop our skills and abilities.   Comfort zones do not yield increase.  The comfort zone is a maintenance zone. Our comfort zone keep us from conquering new heights.

Don’t confuse comfort zone with mastery. Once you master something you will see the increase as you maintain and stay consistent. If you are in a place that is not bringing increase and excitement into your life, you may be in a comfort zone.

In a comfort zone, you know that you want more and that what you are doing is not working but you refuse to take the next step to enter into the new place. A comfort zone is a space that allows you to stay the same without any course correction. It allows you to ignore the unction of God to move forward to make impact in your life and in the lives of others. In this place of stagnancy, fears are never faced.

God is more concerned about your courage than your comfort. In Joshua 1:9, the Lord told Joshua, “Be strong and very courageous.” God is looking for extreme courage because He knows that stepping out into new territory is not an easy process. You cannot take the baggage of fear into a new territory. So you must carry courage and pack extra! Your heart will beat fast, your flesh will refuse but be obedient and follow the voice of the Lord into your zone of courage.

Step out of complacency into a new realm of challenges.

We should be comfortable starting at the ground level of a new thing. We should be okay being a rookie and learning something new.

What areas of life are you refusing to make change?

  1. Ask God for your first direction and your next step to leave your comfort zone?
  2. How will you maintain momentum after your first step?

Then declare, “I’m coming out!”

Coaching can help you come out of your comfort zone and into purpose and fulfillment. I’d love to partner with you in the process!